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By Mike Liebner • on November 14, 2008

“Most people fail in life because they major in minor things.
Success is simple, but it does require certain consistent things
each day.”

– Anthony Robbins

It isn’t so much a SECRET – it’s just that MOST people take the easy way… they don’t always follow through and insure their work will pay off.

One of the  things I consistently do with Article Underground members is remind them of this SECRET PATH to SUCCESS!

Sure, it may be fun and educational for Article Underground members to look at all the great features and training materials they get as a member of AU – but I need to remind them it’s the ACTION we take that will make us the money – not just reading but DOING.

Watching videos and reading up on things are a good start – BUT far too many people stop at that! Some will try something halfway and then wait and see what happens. Sorry – but that’s not good enough IF you want big money rolling in!

You need to do a little EXTRA work to achieve HUGE success! It’s that simple! Take action and DO SOMETHING with what you learn! Then consistently do those things over and over!!!

Hey – I know – some of you don’t want to work – at all… I wish I could tell you that success can be yours with ZERO EFFORT – but that is not true.

What I can tell you is that Article Underground offers you a complete money making system that can help you work smarter – not harder! You’ll save time by focusing your efforts on the right things!

Build Pages and Get Links! That’s the system! And AU helps you do it quickly and efficiently so that you can build web sites and get tons of free search engine traffic!

The concepts are really quite simple and you don’t need a membership to AU to succeed. We just help you do it quicker!

For example, if you are a web publisher and want to increase your profits – simply put MORE articles and content on your web pages and then get high quality text links pointing at them! And then keep at it!

That is the secret! It’s easy to do and even easier for Article Underground members by using the 400 monthly articles and the 100+ AU announcements blogs! We have 35 high quality in-house blogs and over 80 blogs contributed by AU members – all of which can be used to link to your web sites!

You’ll make more money with your sites because you won’t be wasting time trying to scavenge links pointing at your pages. And the time you save by using our articles to enhance your web sites will also put you on a faster track to big profits!

Now here is the real secret to getting TONS OF FREE SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC! Don’t stop at putting a few articles on your site and then abandoning it! You MUST have web sites that are dynamic and growing! Sites that grow and continue to be updated with new content over time will win more and more affection from Google! The result is hundreds and even thousands of TOP RANKINGS on Google that can bring your site many thousands of new visitors who will click things and buy things!

That’s the secret! Build pages and get links! More high quality content pages and more authoritative text links to your sites will equal more profits!

Build your sites and keep them fresh and then it’s only a matter of time till Google decides it LOVES your ever growing site and will rewards you with a huge variety of keywords it will rank you on top for and send it’s searchers to you for free!

That kind of respect needs to be earned – it only comes with time – keep at it and YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT!

But if you only throw a few pages up and hope for the best – well – let’s just say that isn’t really the best way to go. If you want success – keep working at it till you get it! It’s easy! Stick to it!

Keep adding fresh content to your sites! Every day or two if you can, or in the worst case update each web site every week with at least a few new pages.

Also – the same applies to LINKS – Google loves sites that have fresh new text links that consistently come in over time.

If your site consistently has fresh links coming in – you will get far more top rankings! The more top rankings – the more money you make!

To sum it up – keep your sites fresh and keep those new links coming in over time!

It’s really that simple.

Would you like to see how AU members do it???

I suggest watching this video I made on posting in the Article Underground Announcements blogs.

Have you seen the kind of keyword research AU members get??? There are tons of keywords you can build sites around or embellish AU articles with.

A free keyword list is on that page along with a video explaining what you can do with it. One of the secrets of success is adding extra keywords to your article pages. This simple and easy step will help you get more free search engine traffic.

Trust me – if you add extra keywords to your article pages you’ll get far more FREE search traffic from all the unusual combinations of words that occur on your pages than if you use articles un-modified and as is!

Remember WORDS EQUAL MONEY! More related words = more money!

More tips and info on how to use the Article Underground PLR articles can be found in the article at:

In addition, to find out the words on your web page you can use the free AUKDAT tool. It will tell you ALL the words on your web page and even show you 2 word phrases and 3 word phrases. Use these keywords in the link text when you are linking to that page.

There is a video on that page which explains how to use the keyword tool.

I understand all of this may be overwhelming. If you are an absolute beginner you should read this article:

Before you try advanced steps – be sure to learn the basics as pointed out in that article!

Well, that should be enough helpful info to get you going in the right direction! I hope this helps! Best wishes for success!!

Mike Liebner

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