1 year Prepaid Deal and other AU MEmberships Available

By Mike Liebner • on April 26, 2009

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here with a reminder about a very special offer for a big 10k package deal I have that is available to Article Underground members (past and present).

If you are a current member – this may be a way to get more articles and save money off the monthly subscription! The reason I am bringing it up and reminding you is because I have had several emails in the past week  asking if I would re-open the 1 year deal. I just got one this morning asking if they could get the 10k deal. OK – it’s open!

I’ll explain more, but you can find the info at:


OK – just to clarify there are two different “1 year packages” available. There is a 499 deal and a 699 deal.

Which one is right for you depends on whether you want an extra 5,200 articles.

OK, let’s tear them apart and see what we have available.

1 Year Prepaid is only $499. and it is an annual subscription for Article Underground and brings the monthly membership to under 42 bucks a month (save $55.42 per month). The 499 deal has all the features and benefits of an AU membership – it’s just cheaper and saves you money when you prepay on a yearly basis *** The 499 membership auto-renews every 12 months unless canceled

More at:


Now – the package I’ve been asked about and am re-opening is the big 10,000 Article Deal. For $200. more – at $699. it drops 10,000 Article Underground articles on you – 5,200 you get instantly and 400 fresh ones a month for the next 12 months! This is a one of a kind offer by personal invitation only and you’ll only see it here. No one else is promoting it! Just for members and subscribers like you! The secret URL for the “big 10 k package” is at:


It has all the benefits of a full Article Underground Membership – it just comes with 10,000 articles instead of 4,800!!!

That’s shocking and something you can take to the bank! The limited edition 10,000 article AU package is a bit shocking because it gives you 5,200 limited distribution PLR articles you can use instantly on your web sites and 400 new ones every month for a year! These are keyword optimized AU articles from back issue sets that have not been downloaded 350 times.

Imagine the sites you could build with a folder stuffed with 5,200 keyword optimized articles AND a monthly flow of 400 fresh ones you can use to keep your sites growing over the next 12 months! If you’ve been thinking of setting up a network of your own blogs, or building a mini net of sites – imagine what you can do with 5,200 keyword optimized articles in your toolbox! But you are NOT just getting the articles – you get complete access to over 100 “article announcements” blogs that you can use to link to your web pages with “link text” that ill help bring you top rankings!

This is truly the ultimate SEO dream package to help get the traffic flowing in your direction! OK, it’s nice to have the articles but the true power of Article Underground is having over 100 blogs at your fingertips in which you can link to your web pages the RIGHT WAY! The way that will help you get top rankings!

Don’t worry – it’s easy and as an AU member we’ll be teaching you all that stuff! We help make getting text links easy! In fact – those 5,200 articles from back issue zips are perfect to grab snippets from and use in the AU announcement blogs to make linking and posting quick and easy! Simply search for your keywords you want to rank for and open up the files and cut and paste some text! How much easier can it be! So, if you think that you could benefit from 5,200 articles instantly and 4,800 more over the next year, I suggest you have a look at the 10 k offer.

It’s by invitation only to AU members and newsletter subscribers and will go away very soon. Of course you can always stick with the standard Article Underground membership for $97. per month, it’s worth every penny, but if you act on this offer you will save over $1,600.00 That’s not chump change!

The deal is a one of kind package!

OK – so let’s sum up the memberships we have available:

* Monthly all features at $97. per month – you get 400 articles and the 100+ blogs for linking


* Trial Offer – Try it out for 21 days for only $9.95 – rolls over to $97. if you stay (and you will!)


* 1 Year Prepaid Deal for $499. – all AU benefits for $41.58 per month when you pay annually!


* 1 Year Big 10,000 Package for $699. – 5,200 articles instantly plus 12 months of AU


Well, I hope that helps you get a better understanding of how we can help you in your marketing efforts!

Best wishes for successful marketing!

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