Keyword Research Advice – Adding words

By Mike Liebner • on January 16, 2009

Keyword Research Advice Time!

Cathy wants to know how to “optimize several health websites for keywords that are of “some” demand with barely no competition” and advice on “getting the best keywords to optimize in a fairly competitive market”

1) I’d start by analyzing the words that are already on your pages – ahhhhhhhh – yes – the words on your page are the first thing you should analyze! You can improve what is already there!

AUKDAT > the Article Underground Keyword Density Analyzer Tool – it’ll tell ya all kinds of cool data about you web page including giving you a huge list of keywords on your page!

Run each URL in the AUKDAT tool and study the single, 2 word and three word phrases.

Ones that appear often should be your MAIN TARGETS (for linking mainly) but you should also look at words that don’t appear more than 1 or 2 times and add a few extra occurances.

WATCH this EXCELLENT VIDEO on HOW TO USE AUKDAT and perform professional style keyword research!

AUKDAT Tips – free video tutorial

2) Study your stats and see if ANYof the search engines are sending you TRAFFIC (LOOK at your REFERRERS)! For example if Google is sending you real TRAFFIC and you are getting page views from PEOPLE searching for KEYWORDS for which GOOGLE is ranking you- you hit the jackpot! Hey, so why not study the referring search query keywords and SEE WHERE YOU RANK – try to boost your place on the results page by getting a few more links with the SAME EXACT phrase.

3) Look at the AU Keyword Rearch Spreadsheets (they are the biggest ones on the Keyword Research page in the members section) – there may be words on that which you could ADD to your pages. Sample spreadsheets and a video can be found at:

> AU training video > Most Expensive Keywords (with linked spreadsheets)

4) Go to or the free wordtracker tool and find LONGER TAIL variations of words that are already on your pages. Add these long tail keywords to the pages. Do this by adding extra sentences – new text links and even consider adding a brand new resource box with links to other sites on those keywords.

5) Google is great place to get more long tail keywords.

> Keyword Tool External – Adwords Tool

Look up your URL and see what they TELL YOU the page is about. These are all kewyords they think are related. Add some sentences with some of these. Make sure to EXPAND the option to show AVG COST PER CLICK so you can see which words are the most expensive – these are usually the best ones – also note the searches per month – higher is better as long as you throw away the ones with the lowest monthy searches and stay away form the HIGHEST monthly searches – in the middle is a good place to go to find keywords that are easier to rank for.

6) Don’t overthink this stuff too much – spend more time adding pages to your site and linking them rather than trying to MICRO ANALYZE every element of your web pages.

Don’t forget – it’s a numbers game – start playing it that way and you’ll have more BIG HITS and GRAND SLAM HOME RUNS!

> Read my blog post – It’s a Numbers Game

All of the things I mentioned are good to do in moderation – but spend the most time adding fresh new content to your sites – new articles – and getting new keyword rich text links pointing at your old and new pages.

Freshness is valuable. Saerch engines love freshness and they love words and dont forget…



By Knox on January 30th, 2010 at 12:09 pm


Lots of great advice as always. Thanks again.


By vet Stockton on April 6th, 2011 at 1:19 pm

Some very good tips, thanks Mike.

By Phil on July 5th, 2011 at 9:40 am

Thanks Mike
I have always considered this to be a bit of a numbers game – although some of the “experts” don’t necessarily agree. I also note that the keyword research numbers that come out of google can vary dramatically from month to month (and even week to week). All the best, Phil

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