The April Tax Time Fire Sale is Here!

By Mike Liebner • on April 16, 2010

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here with something very special for those who love Article Undeground and would like to save some money. 

It’s that time of year again – tax time and it’s also time to save BIG MONEY with an annual membership to article Undegrround at a ridiculous LOW price!

 1 year April Tax Time Fire Sale membership to Article Underground that costs as low as just $24.91 per month if you act fast and get in before the price goes up!

Let’s celebrate the end of tax season 2010 with the return of the AU Firesale! It’s a hot one and it’s starting right now!

This is a real fire sale offer with limited quantities and a ridiculous shockingly low starting price of $299. for a 1 year prepaid membership to Article Underground and it’s only available by personal invitation at this link:

>>> 2010 Article Underground Fire Sale Page <<<

The starting price is $299. for 1,200 articles instantly along with a full year of Article Underground.

I’m sincere when I say that I can’t afford to sell a lot of memberships at these prices, so I’m afraid this will be a limited offer you’ll need to act fast on to get the best price!

It’s a firesale so the price goes up a little for every 10 memberships that are sold.

So, why the fire sale???

Almost everyone is looking to save money where they can and buy the most sensible items at the best prices.

After 4 years of success with Article Underground, I decided it was time to help out and give something back by offering a small handful of 1 year prepaid memberships at a ridiculously low price.

As you may already know, Article Underground is filled with members who happily pay the regular monthly membership of 97 dollars. It’s worth every penny at 97 bucks. Annually that works out to $1,164. and I still have members who have been paying that each month since 2006!

Now, you may also know that I have offered a discounted annual subscription package for $499. and $699. and at those prices make a membership to Article Underground very affordable.

But I really wanted to go nuts and go way below that – even if just for a few memberships. Maybe I can get a few of you guys back in who really need a break!

That’s why I came up with the idea of doing another Article Underground FIRE SALE to celebrate a new year! The April Tax Time Fire Sale!

A firesale is a great way to offer you guys who really need it – a few prepaid annual memberships at a stupidly low price of $299. bucks for the full year.

That works out to only $24.91 per month when you prepay it!

And to make it even more exciting and valuable – I decided to include 1,200 instantly downloadable articles with each 1 year fire sale membership (while supplies last).

Now, if you have ever seen a firesale, you know how it works.

The basic premise is you start at a stupid low price and as you sell units you raise the price. That way the folks that know what they want and act fast are rewarded with a lower price than those who “think it over” and wait.

First 10 fast movers get it for $299.

Sorry – but I can only afford to let it go for $299. to the first 10 people who signup for the April Tax Time Fire Sale!

Next 10 will be $349.

Next 10 will be $399.

Next 10 will be $449.

And the Regular Price is $499. for a year when you prepay. Still a great deal!

All firesale members will also get 1,200 articles at sign up instead of the regular 400 articles!

You’ll find all the features and benefits of a membership at Article Underground at the April Tax Time Fire Sale offer page. It has all the details and the current going price. See what it is at:

At $299, or even $349. or even $399. – a membership to Article Underground is an absolute no brainer steal of a deal! A membership at the regular price is a smart investment!

If you add up all the articles (1,200 + 4,800 = 6,000) at $299. you’re paying around $0.04 per article! And these are high quality keyword optimized articles, not the usual PLR junk all the other guys are pawning off. AU articles are known for the high quality! And with over 100 blogs (and growing) to get your sites linked on, you’re paying around $0.24 cent per month to link in each blog! That really puts it in perspective because for a one time $299. YOU GET A FULL YEAR of posting in our high quality blogs for all the powerful traffic boosting text links you can handle.

Think about how much you’d pay for a few text links… a lot more than 299 and it’d most likely be a monthly expense! This is a full year of access to our blogs!

Come by and have a look for yourself at all the great features of a membership to Article Underground!

The 1,200 bonus April Tax Time Fire Sale package is ONLY available for a few days and is at this link:

>>> 2010 Article Underground April Tax Time Fire Sale Page <<<

Best wishes for successful marketing!

Mike Liebner


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