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By Mike Liebner • on January 27, 2010

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here from Article Underground with a tutorial and a free sample spreadsheet showcasing the killer Keyword Research that helps make Article Underground so great!

> Get the free Keyword Research Spreadsheet and TUTORIAL HERE

Sorry, I couldn’t help but brag because it really is the keywords that help us write great articles and also help members get the most traffic possible from their web pages by using the keyword research to make better web sites!

Not all keywords are considered equal.

Some words are simply better!

In fact – grab this brand new free spreadsheet to see for yourself the top 150 keywords that are currently grabbing the highest Cost Per Click from Adwords advertisers!

>>> Get the free Keyword Research Spreadsheet

You’ll find the free spreadsheet PLUS a great TUTORIAL on using the keyword research to snag domain names that are super easy to get to rank on top of Google! If you want huge traffic – a great way to do it is get yourself some domain names that have the right keywords in them!

The turorial shows you how easy it is! The Sample Spreadsheet of Top 150 CPC Keywords for January 2010 is in Excel Format and shows the highest paying keywords! Stop by to see which keywords advertisers are currently paying on average as much as $32. bucks per click for!

 Our keyword research is the best!

It helps Article Underground members gain valuable insight as to which keywords pay good for Adsense, plus we know which keywords get the most traffic!

That’s valuable info!

You can use it to write articles, add extra words to your articles, or simply sprinkle big money – high traffic keywords on your web pages to get more traffic from the search engines!

You see – a little known secret is that by simply adding MORE of the right keywords to your web pages – a ton of fresh and new search engine traffic will start coming your way when you get rankings for all kinds of mix and match keyword phrases!

And it’s as easy as adding MORE related keywords to your web pages!

 It’s like magic! Suddenly the words on your pages combine to snag you top rankings for all kinds of combinations of keywords you normally would not get ranked for. After all – if the words are NOT on your pages – you can’t get ranked for them! I can’t believe more people don’t do this! It’s so easy! It is especially easy when you have the kind of keyword data we give to Article Underground members!

In fact – we actually share with members the same keyword research data we give to our writers from which they pick the “exact keyword phrases” that they write articles about for us!

OK, well that should be enough to get you to stop by and grab the free sample keyword spreadsheet with the top 150 most expensive keywords, plus the great tutorial on using keyword research to snag valuable domain names!

>>> Get the free Keyword Research Spreadsheet and TUTORIAL HERE.

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