Why do we have so many announcement blogs?

By Mike Liebner • on August 5, 2011

Why does our network have so many blogs on so many different servers?

One of the benefits of a Blogging Underground membership is the large number of blogs that are contributed by our members and available for posting in.

These blogs add far more depth and power and make it easier than ever to get top rankings!

Our “announcement blogs” are hosted on servers all over the world! There are many differnt IP addresses and blog owners too! It works like magic to help our links gain super powers!

While it’s good for our members looking for more places to get links – contributing a blog is also good because it keeps blogs fresh with real quality content posted by humans!

Right now I’m offering a bribe to members who add new blogs to the Announcement Blogs Network at Blogging Underground.

Read the above blog post to find out about my bribe offer and gift! Best wishes for your online success!


By nike sko on August 22nd, 2011 at 5:14 am


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