Why the Panda Farmer Update Panic?

By Mike Liebner • on May 9, 2011

Why are people panicking?

The Panda Farmer Update Panic is totally exagerated B.S.!

This is originally posted at the Blogging Underground forum post:  How to Use PLR Articles to Get Sites Up Fast!

A member wrote:

“To be quite honest, I’m scared to use PLR articles for my promotions. In these current days of the Panda update and what more, the uniques of the articles are more and more important…”

I responded:

First off – you need to get your head in the right place and stop worrying!

Don’t be scared!  I use PLR Articles all the time because it works.  My dog site uses PLR and it’s still number one – even after the Panda Farmer update B.S.

I don’t use PLR articles every time and I always put in a little extra effort tweaking them – but geeeezzzzz don’t worry about duplicate content anyways… it is an urban legend.

The sites that got nailed in the update were high PageRank sites that had too much clout and were putting out thin and weak content. Whether original or duplicated it was that their sites sucked that they got singled out.

NOT everyone GOT PENALIZED! I personally think it was targeting a few of the bigger sites mostly and was a PageRank tweak.

All this PANIC talk is just GOSSIP based on mainstream writers who don’t know what theyre talking about and just pass on the words from Google’s PR department and every time it gets passed further it has more BULL attached to it.

It’s a coincidenece, but I wrote about the panda farmer update earlier on my WordPress SEO BLOG

It also came up in 2 webinars I did recently. People love to talk about this stuff, but if anything OUR sites are going up!

ezinearticles.com may be going down because their days of having their HIGH PAGERANK push up their crap is over. Google saw they ranked too high too often and their site looked like crap and many articles read like crap – so their big PageRank advantage changed how thir pages ranked.

We don’t have that problem. Google penalized a few big weak content sites more than they did ‘content farmers” – they’re just trying to pretend they are working on making their search results better with an all new algo.

What they should have said was – in the past they let too many High PageRank sites get top ranked pages just because of their high PageRank and as a result a LOT OF CRAP from ezinearticles and huffington and ehow ended up on top of search results – so they had to fix that.

So they tweaked their algo to drop down the power of those high PageRank sites. They did not BAN those sites – they just took away their UNFAIR ADVANTAGE so we could get some of those spots.

ezinearticles is still to be found – but NOW they have to earn their spot just like us.

IF ANYTHING this PANDA bs has leveled the playing field and made it easier for us to rank higher!

Are PLR articles bad? NO! But orginal articles will be better – especially if they are well written! Try to use PLR in addition to writing really good stuff!

If you don’t like using PLR articles – that’s cool – you don’t need to use them – they can be a time saver – they’re more than fine if you tweak them and especially on blogs and sites where you are posting for the links and not so much to get a top ranking.

PLR is good for that and BETTER than using SPUN GARBAGE or articles written by people who have trouble with the English langauge!!!


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