Good SEO – Tricking Google?

By Mike Liebner • on December 6, 2012

Good SEO is NOT about tricking Google!


Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here and I would like to invite you to read a mind numbing honest rant I wrote from the heart about the state of SEO! You must read it!

Read my article on GOOD SEO

Do you realize that GOOGLE is the HOUSE and THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS MORE when you play be THEIR rules?

Find out what I believe Google really thinks and learn about what they are trying to do with their webmaster tools brainwashing experiment. It’s shocking to say the least!

I discuss what’s going on and working right now, and reveal the profitable opportunities that are available right now if you can look beyond all the smoke and mirrors generated by misinformation.

Hey, face it, there is a lot of bad advice out there floating around about how you need to either obey or trick Google to get ahead.

Sorry – but it’s not always so simple. It’s not always black or white. A or B.

You do not need to obey and you certainly do not need to resort to spammy techniques or trick them to get on top!

That’s NOT what I do and I’m kicking butt right now building sites that are gaining top rankings easier than ever! It’s actually a great time to build brand new sites and get on top faster than ever for keywords that are very profitable!

And you don’t need to do evil things or trick them to get on top.

Sure, Google thinks everyone is trying to trick them. But don’t get caught up in their game.

We need to focus on doing the things that work – not what they want.

Read the article right now and find out what people are doing right now that works.

Read my article on GOOD SEO

Read about how you can achieve success without having to turn into the evil marketers that Google is working so hard to make everyone believe we are!

There are better ways to be successful than lying down and obeying, and you don’t need to turn into an evil spammer either. There is a way to do it – feel good about it – and succeed!

Right now is a sweet spot in time. We have opportunities in front of us if only we can see past the smoke and mirrors and focus on doing the simple things that still work.

The training at Blogging Underground is as valid as ever and is working right now to gain top rankings and targeted traffic, because we’ve always focused on doing the things that Google likes and NOT doing the things we know they do not like.

It’s not the same as obeying – but rather giving them what we know they want and will reward us for. We give them what we know works to get on top – not what they are asking for. Two different things entirely!

Do things right and you too will gain top rankings and lots of free search engine traffic!

It may be like walking a tight rope– but we can achieve success if we follow the right path.

Read my article on GOOD SEO – it will get you going in the right direction!

Happy holidays and best wishes for your online marketing success!

Mike Liebner

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