Twitter Following and Automation

By Mike Liebner • on May 28, 2013

Auto unfollow Twitter followers?

Have you been doing that? Well, if you’ve been using TweetAdder to do it – you can’t do it any more!

It seems an era has ended as we now see TweetAdder 3.0 disappearing and making way for TweetAdder version 4 – a new Twitter friendly version of the software that has made the legal problems go away, but has removed some of the most appealing automation featues that made the software so great.

While I haven’t spent a lot of time with TweetAdder after the forced update to version 4, I have looked at the way they do things now – and while the look and feel of most of the features is the same, the absence of the auto follow and auto unfollow makes the program only good for hands on manual adding and such.

Sure – some will say that’s ok – but I just tried it on a few of my Twitter accounts and it’s a huge time waster. I can’t say it’s worth my time to do this kind of work.

I am sure there will be other automated methods to get this done brought to the surface, but since Twitter doesn’t like this kind of stuff it’s certain that most software that does this will be short lived and/or expensive and underground.

Should you keep using TweetAdder? Yes – but don’t get lost in it – there are many other things you can do that will have a greater return on your time investment.

Should you buy TweetAdder if you don’t already have it? Yes – but only as a management tool – it will not help you get tons of followers fast or do anything to automate the growing of your Twitter accounts.

It can still do some cool things like automatically post tweets – but surely there is other software that does that – maybe even for free.

So – since I already have it – I’ll open it up once in a while and/or just it let it post some tweets for a few of my accounts – but I will not spend much time using TweetAdder to add followers or unfollow manually. That is a huge time grabber and I don’t have time enough to do all the things that make me money!

Maybe you have a different take… if so please comment and let me know what you think. Also consider reading the article below as it has way more detailed info on the change from TWeet Adder 3 to 4.

TweetAdder 4 Article – worth reading – thanks for the good coverage of this important news item Kevin!

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