BU Video: How To Post an Article and Get Contextual Links

By Mike Liebner • on November 8, 2014

I just recorded a new video and posted it on the Blogging Underground blog. It’s called “How To Post an Article and Get Contextual Links”

In the video I show the best things to do to get powerful links using the Blog Post Utility to post in the Blogging Underground blogs.

This super charged linking strategy works by posting articles with links in other places too – but it’s especially easy to do it exactly the right way using the hundreds of blogs in the Blogging Underground network of blogs.

>>> “How To Post an Article and Get Contextual Links”

Spend a few minutes with me as I show you exactly how to do it properly to get the max ranking boost for your web pages!

Also – now is a great time to get linking yourself by grabbing one of the 3 special deals to help you get ready for the massive holiday traffic that is right around the corner!

1) $149. for 1 Year Access to all the BU blogs + 9,600 articles for super fast posting

2) 24,000 article package for $199. with 1 year access to post in the blogs!

3) Or if you want a quarterly subscription it’s just $99. (that’s 33 bucks a month!) and you get 4,800 articles!

You can’t go wrong with any of these super deals!

Have fun! Best wishes for your online success!

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