Reclaiming Your Lost Website Traffic

By Mike Liebner • on April 2, 2014

There are 2 things I’d like to share with you that will help you get back people that have abandoned carts or unsubscribed or just visited your website and left quickly.

1. Remarketing – put Google code on your pages so you can tag them onto a “list” and then follow them around later and show ads to them using Google Adwords (and other places do this too).

I have a website with additional info and links on remarketing at Remarketing Profits

It has some good info. I will soon release an ebook training course on retargeting with tips and tutorial videos.

2. Export your MAILING LIST emails as a custom audience in Facebook

ACTIVE and/or UNSUBSCRIBED – either or both – you can drop the email addresses into Facebook and create a “CUSTOM AUDIENCE” and then you can run Facebook ads to them.

Facebook will parse the entire list of emails and if they have facebook accounts you can show ads to them.

Not all people on your lists read every email, so this is a great way to get in front of people you know are interested in what you have but just have forgotten about you or are looking at other things.

This works great! I started adding my own mailing lists as custom audiences in Facebook. I have around 25,000 active and around 10,000 unsubscribed.

This is really the only way to get in front of people that have UNSUBSCRIBED.

Also – this is a good way to get in front of people who have FILTERED your emails (either as junk or just stored where they never see the emails)

well – I hope these tips will help you get back in front of the web traffic you have lost!

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