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Blogging Underground Grand Opening!

Now Open! April 28, 2011 – Blogging Undeground is now officially open with our grand opening in full effect with a special package available until May 10, 2011! Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here and I just wanted to let you know we opened the doors to Blogging Underground on Tuesday, April 26th and I can report that […]

Sneak Peek inside Blogging Underground

Blogging Underground members can rank #1 for any keyword phrase they want! Members know how to it – do you? If you’re not sure how to get a number 1 top ranking then have a look at the BU members welcome video that members see after joining Blogging Underground at: Secret BU Members Video I […]

Secret BU Members Video

SNEAK PEEK inside Blogging Underground Here is the Secret Link to the BU Members Welcome Video! It’s the WELCOME video for new BU members that shows an inside look at the features members get with their Blogging Underground membership. As you may already be aware BU is free with AU! That’s right Blogging Underground […]

Introducing Blogs Equal Money and Blogging Underground

Blogging Underground is here – well – almost! OK… I have been quietly working in my laboratory coming up with what I think is the ultmate web publishers toolkit and I am releasing it to the world on August 24th, 2010 as Blogging Underground! The new special report and complimentary training video library is appropriately […]

New AU PLR Article Zips Added for members

It’s Nov 16th and that means a brand new zip with 400 keyword optimized PLR articles – if – you are a member of Article Underground! If you are curious what the PLR articles are written about – have a look at the file names for the latest batch of high traffic keywords!

Special Offers AU and BU

If you need quality in-content article links, now is the time to take action! Grab the lowest price ever for a 1 year membership to Blogging Underground. Or if you want monthly PLR Articles too, there is a special deal for Article Underground at the lowest price ever. Right now is a great time to […]

Why do we have so many announcement blogs?

Why does our network have so many blogs on so many different servers? One of the benefits of a Blogging Underground membership is the large number of blogs that are contributed by our members and available for posting in. These blogs add far more depth and power and make it easier than ever to get […]

Using PLR Articles to Get New Sites Up Fast

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner and I just added a new article to the Blogging Underground Members Forum that I would like to invite you to check out called “How to Use PLR Articles to Get New Sites Up Fast!” This article while very helpful for beginners getting their first exact keyword targeted web sites up, is […]

My Big Bonus for Amazing Selling Machine!

10/3/13 Amazing Selling Machine has re-opened and is now offering a brand new training course! Make sure you get my Amazing Selling Machine Bonus or you’ll be mad you missed out! If you get it make sure you buy it from my affiliate link so you get my bonus of 1 full year of Blogging Underground […]

Links are the secret to getting more top rankings!

Linking In The New Year! Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here! I hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays as much as I have! It’s a fun time to be with friends and family and also to look ahead to an exciting new year! I’m not sure if you have had time to watch my new video […]

The 4th of July Fire Sale is back!

Hi it’s Mike Liebner here and I have something really special for you! The 4th of July Fire Sale is back with a crazy 10,000 PLR Articles Package and a 1 Year Membership to Article Underground which also includes Blogging Underground for just $299. for the next 10 people who join! >>> Fire Sale Offer […]

Why the Panda Farmer Update Panic?

Why are people panicking? The Panda Farmer Update Panic is totally exagerated B.S.! This is originally posted at the Blogging Underground forum post:  How to Use PLR Articles to Get Sites Up Fast! A member wrote: “To be quite honest, I’m scared to use PLR articles for my promotions. In these current days of the […]

AU vs. BU

Article Underground versus Blogging Underground – which one is better? Well – They’re both great BUT Article Underground includes Blogging Underground FREE!  Blogging Underground is the new membership site that has all kinds of new features and improvements including a fantastic new Blog Post Utility and over 350 announcement blogs (AND GROWING!)! You get all the great BU […]

FREE PDF Special Report “Blogs Equal Money (Pages NOT Posts)”

Blogs Equal Money (Pages NOT Posts) Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here and I have something special for you that I have been working on for a quite some time! It’s finally ready! My 35 page PDF Special Report “Blogs Equal Money (Pages NOT Posts)” is a real game changer! It really does turn everything upside […]

About PLR Articles & Private Label Rights

Hi, this is Mike Liebner from Article Underground and Blogging Underground and I thought it would be a good idea to create a master resource page about PLR Articles – aka Private Label Rights Articles – and explain why PLR Articles from Article Underground are so much better than the worthless junk floating around out there. […]

More New Blogs Added to the Article Announcements Network

Sept. 2010 UPDATE: OVER 200 BLOGS are in the new Blog Post Utility! More new blogs added to get linked in! I’m in the process of adding a HUGE number of new domains to the already large network of announcements blogs that Article Underground members have privleges to use to get links and traffic coming to […]

About the AU Article Blog

Thanks for stopping by the Article Blog at  Article Underground! This blog has information about Article Underground and Blogging Underground plus articles of interest to Internet Marketing folks who do business online building web sites and promoting affiliate products and such! New! Article Underground and Blogging Underground Compared – what are the differences? A personal message […]