AU vs. BU

Article Underground versus Blogging Underground – which one is better?

Well – They’re both great BUT Article Underground includes Blogging Underground FREE! 

Blogging Underground is the new membership site that has all kinds of new features and improvements including a fantastic new Blog Post Utility and over 350 announcement blogs (AND GROWING!)!

You get all the great BU features free with an AU membership – OR – you can save a little money and get BU seperately.

What are the differences between AU and BU?

Read this to find out!

Q: What is the difference between Article Underground (AU) and Blogging Underground (BU)

A: The main difference is Article Underground includes the 400 fresh new monthly PLR Articles that AU members get each month on the 16th.

AU includes BU FREE – so if you get AU you alo get BU!

Article Underground has a special offer for $399 per year or $97. per month and includes Blogging Underground for free – the only difference is AU gives you 400 PLR Articles each month and BU does NOT have the monthly PLR Articles.

If you want BOTH get AU! It’s only $100. more at the Secial Offer Page for AU.

BU is $299. per year or $67. per month and has features including the blog network and keyword research as noted on sales page – but – it does not include the 400 monthly PLR Articles you get with AU

If you want FRESH articles every month – it’s worth it to pay $100 more for the 1 year membership to AU.

Here is a link to the AU 10,000 PLR Firesale Special offer:  Article Undeground special offer for $399.

If you don’t need the 400 Monthly PLR Articles but still want all the other great stuff like the blog network – then Blogging Underground is the best choice – the BU Big Bonus Deal secret page is HERE.

If you have any questions – please create a ticket at the new support center: