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Hi, this is Mike Liebner from Article Underground and Blogging Underground and I thought it would be a good idea to create a master resource page about PLR Articles – aka Private Label Rights Articles – and explain why PLR Articles from Article Underground are so much better than the worthless junk floating around out there.

NOT ALL PLR is the same. A lot of it is garbage. PLR from Article Underground is NOT to be confused with the typical PLR junk circulating out there. It’s much better!

PLR Articles can be a huge timesaver and allow us to put good content on our sites fast! The problem is most PLR articles out there are pure garbage. Most of the articles I buy from my competition are barely readable – it’s as if they were written by people who have little or no English language skills.

It’s important I bring this out UP FRONT because so many people have had a BAD experience with junk PLR articles from other sources that it’s often believed that all PLR is poorly written. 

I can assure you that Article Underground PLR Articles are the highest quality you will find and are much better than so much of that awful stuff out there!

Article Underground is a membership web site that provides the highest quality PLR Articles available today. Private Label Rights articles from Article Underground are released in sets of 400 articles each month on the 16th and are limited to a maximum of 350 downloads.

Let’s discuss what PLR is.

Private Label Rights Articles are often referred to as “PLR Articles” for short. Both terms mean basically the same thing, however there is often confusion as to what they are and their terms of use.

PLR articles are generally plain text files that contain articles of varying length which are written by GHOST WRITERS who do not claim the credit for authorship. Customers purchase the various packages of PLR Articles and are allowed certain terms of use, depending on the license conditions from the product they purchased.

Markedly diferent from Private Label Rights Resale Products, which are inteneded to be resold and possibly even repackaged, Private Label Rights Articles differ in that they are intended to be published on the purchasers web sites as opposed to being resold in packages.

PLR Articles are very versatile and can be used in many different ways. The best way to use them is to tweak – modify – adjust – add extra sentences to them – that way they are more unique and will get different rankings than someone who may just copy and paste them on a web site and not make any changes.

It’s OK to use PLR articles without modifying them – but the benefits of spending a few minutes adding and changing them a little can be so profound I suggest you consider modifying PLR articles at least a little! It’s worth it!

I personally get #1 rankings on Google all the time using PLR Articles! Often the same articles can be found on many other pages indexed by Google.  So why I am I getting #1 rankings if so many people ar eusing them?

The difference is my page has additional sentences with more unique keywords they don’t have – so I can target my own specific exact keywords and rank #1 for them! You can too! It’s so easy to do this!

Check out an example in the video preview from Link Your Way To The Top where I show an actual page I ranked #1 with for a high volume keyword!

PLR articles are also fantastic for using to grab SNIPPETS or EXCERPTS to use when posting for backlinks, such as with the Blogging Underground network of Announcements Blogs, or simply to add EXTRA words to your web pages.

HOT TIP: MORE words on your pages MEAN more ranking opportunities. Add some snippets from PLR – you’ll get more traffic from top rankings of keyword phrases!

While some people don’t like PLR articles because they think there is a “duplicate content” penalty, the truth is, many web sites successfully use PLR and don’t suffer any penalties. If you want to read up on duplicate content I have a fantastic article on Duplicate Content that will set you straight!

PLR articles have developed a BAD REPUTATION among some webmasters because there are a lot of low quality articles circulating and made available by people looking to make a quick buck. In a lot of cases the articles are written by outsourced workers who have very little education and often don’t even speak English as a first language.

Article Underground PLR articles are of the highest quality and are written by writers who have passed a rigourous battery of writing tests. But not all the PLR out there is as good as the PLR from A.U.

As a result of so much crap beng out there, a lot of webmasters dismiss PLR articles as being too crappy to use on their high quality web sites. 

If you are a webmaster and you need good quality web content you should consider PLR articles from Article Undrground.

The articles from AU are at least 400 words long and are very special in that they are written for “exact keyword phrases”. That’s far better than the generic crap the other PLR vendors often provide.

In addition to optimizing the keyword density of the exact phrases, the Article Underground ghost writers are highly skilled and know how to write keyword rich articles for publishing on the web and more importantly with SEO (search engine optimization) to help webmatsers create web pages that get lots of free search engine rankings from top rankings for keywords.

In addition to providing good quality content, the Article Underground PLR article packets are released every month on the 16th and are limited to 350 maximum downloads.

Article Underground PLR articles are NOT categorized into folders of similar topics. You get 400 fresh files each month and the file names show the keywords the article is written for. It is a mixed bag but that is actually very beneficial to all.

While some people prefer having their PLR organized neatly into folders, the AU PLR articles are actually more effective because they will NOT be used in a cookie cutter fashion as with the others categorized articles. Trust me – there is nothing more negative to show Google than a site that has the same exact group of articles as another site. That’s a cookie cutter site and worse than simple duplicate content alone. It’s exact duplicates over many pages on a site and it happens when you buy PLR articles that are delievered in neatly organized folders of like topics. People like the easy way out and they simply copy the folders and use the same batches of articles. NOT GOOD! We do not group them into folders!

THIS does NOT happen with AU ARTICLES! And that makes them far more valuable – even though you might need to use a little brainpower and orgainize them into clusters yoruself. This my friend is a benefit!

That pretty much sums up what you need to know about PLR articles and more importantly will help you differentiate the Article Underground Private Label Rights articles from the other stuff out there.

AU article packs may not be the cheapest PLR out there – but as I am told regularly by customers – Article Underground PLR Articles are the best you can find!

If you want to get more traffic to your web sites – the secret is putting more of the right words on your web pages! Article Underground makes it easy to put great keywords on your web sites so you can get more top rankings and targeted traffic!

You can join as a monthly or annual member! 

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