Secret BU Members Video

SNEAK PEEK inside Blogging Underground

Here is the Secret Link to the BU Members Welcome Video!

It’s the WELCOME video for new BU members that shows an inside look at the features members get with their Blogging Underground membership.

As you may already be aware BU is free with AU! That’s right Blogging Underground is FREE for Article Underground members as long as their membership is current!

Watch the video >>> CLICK HERE

The secret BU video is located on the Blogging Underground Resources page where there are also links to the tools and software mentioned in BU Training Videos (see an example video here).

Stop by to get the links to the free tools mentioned in BU training and watch the welcome video to look inside the Blogging Underground private members section.

You’ll see what the BPU looks like! (the Blog Post Utility for the blog network!) plus see all the features including Keyword Research and the 12 Step Success Startegy Training.

If you want to get an inside look – this is a great way to do it!

More info on Blogging Underground at the BU FAQ Page

Also see below:

Q: What is the difference between Article Underground (AU) and Blogging Underground (BU)

A: The main difference is Blogging Underground does NOT include the monthly PLR Articles that Article Underground members get each month on the 16th.

AU has a special offer for $399 per year or $97. per month and includeds BU – only difference is it gives you 400 PLR Articles each month

BU is $299. per year or $67. per month and has features including the blog network and keyword research as noted on sales page – but – it does not include the 400 monthly PLR Articles you get with AU

If you want FRESH articles every month – it’s worth it to pay $100 more for the 1 year membership to AU.

Here is a link to the AU 10,000 PLR Firesale Special offer:  Article Undeground special offer for $399.

If you don’t need the 400 Monthly PLR Articles but still want all the other great stuff like the blog network – then Blogging Underground is the best choice – the BU Big Bonus Deal secret page is HERE.